SBI PO Exam Pattern Details

The “SBI PO Exam pattern” will guide the candidates about the type of questions that would be there for the exam and also the count of questions would also be one thing that candidates would get to know about from pattern. So the pattern details of the exam are very well explained which could help a candidate to prepare for it.


SBI PO Prelims Exam Structure


The Preliminary exam is divided into 3 sections in which have a sectional cut off for the candidate’s clearance.

SBI PO Exam Pattern for Preliminary Exam – The first section is the English Language which is of 30 marks and number of questions asked would be 30. The second section is Quantitative Aptitude which is of 35 marks and the third one is reasoning ability which is of 35 and the number of questions asked is 35 in both the sections.

So the total marks would be 30+35+35 = 100 for which only one hour would be given The test will have of 3 Sections (with separate timings for each section) as follows: Check the list of SBI PO Exam Marks Pattern below.

                 Subject                       No. of Questions        Marks          Duration 

  English Language                           30                              30                20 min

Quantitative Aptitude                     35                              35                20 min

Reasoning Ability                           35                              35                20 min

                                                        Total           100           100              1 Hour


SBI PO Mains Exam Pattern

The candidate whose clearance for the Preliminary exam would be above the cut off will be allowed to go further for Mains examination. This sbi exam online pattern would include two sections one is objective and second is a descriptive test. SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips.


SBI PO Exam Pattern for mains exam 


The mark distribution for both the sections would be 200 marks for objective and 50 marks for the descriptive section. The test would be conducted systematically that is firstly the objective test would be conducted which would be of 3 hours and then immediately after the objective test is completed, the descriptive test would be administrated which would be of 30 minutes.

Objective test details

The objective test is further divided into 4 sections which include Reasoning and computer aptitude, Data Analysis and interpretation, General Economy/ Banking awareness and last, is the English Language. There would be a separate marking scheme for each section and also separate time will be provided for each section.


Structure of Objective test


Now check what is the exam pattern for SBI PO 2019 objective test? For the first section of Reasoning and computer aptitude will be of 60 marks which comprise 45 questions and time allotted is 60 minutes. The second section of Data Analysis and Interpretation will comprise 35 questions and total marks for this section would be 60 and time allotted is 45 minutes. The third section will be of 40 marks and number of questions in this section would be 40 and time allotted is 35 minutes.

The last section of sbipoexampattern will be of 40 marks and comprises 35 questions and time allotted is 40 minutes. So the total marks would be 60+60+40+40=200 and total time allotted is 60+45+35+40= 3 hours and a total number of questions asked would be 45+35+40+35=155.

Description Pattern for SBI PO Exam

After the completion of the objective test, the descriptive test will be conducted which will be of 30 minutes and comprising 50 marks. The candidates who qualify in objective type test would be eligible to sit for the descriptive type test.

SBI PO descriptive exam pattern – The test will be in the English Language through which candidate’s writing skills would be judged. The test would include Letter writing and essay writing. There will be no negative marking in the descriptive test.

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